warranty regulations

Safe treatment and possibility for follow-up

Our professionals use products of the highest quality. Budapest Klinikken can therefore offer the best warranty to make you feel confident. Although, it is important that you as a patient take some precautions and take good care of your new teeth. Make sure you get to know the warranty before starting treatment.

Kroner/Bro/Fasetter5 årIkke midlertidige
Porselensinnlegg -inlays/onlays5 årIkke midlertidige
Implantater10 årKun på produkt; implantatskrue og abutement
Delprotese, flyttbare erstatninger for kombinasjonsarbeid, klikkproteser3 årIkke midlertidige
All-on-4 protese 3 år
Helproteser 1 årIkke midlertidige
Fyllinger, komposittfyllinger1 årIkke midlertidige

The warranty applies during the warranty period when annual examination is performed no later than the 365th day from when the treatment is finished, and every year* during the warranty period. Preferably by your dentist /specialist at Budapest Klinikken.


Yearly/Annual check accepted by; Budapest Klinikken; -Budapest, -Tromsø or -Tønsberg (-Bodø from 1stof June 2019)

Special notes;

  • Warranty for crowns and bridges does not include the teeth with which the bridge / crown is based on. For example, if they’ve been root-filled or if they are to be prepared. Patient must be aware that there is a chance (between 10-15%) that a tooth under the crown / bridge / inlay must be root-filled after completion of treatment. This is not covered by the warranty.
  • The warranty covers the loss of teeth in dental prosthesis/dentures, as well as loss and fracture of fixed replacements. This applies, assuming the annual check is carried out and that points regarding warranty deviation are not applicable.
  • Budapest Klinikken does not give warranty for temporary dentures/treatments (fillings, replacements, dentures, crowns, bridges)
  • The warranty does not include rebasing. Rebase is a natural part of having Dentures and is expected to be done on a regular basis due to changes in the jaw/mouth cavity.
  • Warranty is always determined after examination by specialist at Budapest Klinikken who is treating the patient.
  • Guarantee on prosthetic work does not include the patient’s subjective point of view on degree of satisfaction. The patient has prior to fixed/permanent prosthetics, approved for example; shape, color, appearance and has notified the dentist in advance, of desired changes. In the event of dissatisfaction with prosthetic work of this nature in retrospect; the costs of any changes or new work wants done, the cost belongs to the patient.
  • In case of periodontal diseases, the patient must ensure adequate oral hygiene and necessary cleaning/follow-up, and preventing treatment, as well as the annual check-up at Budapest Klinikken. The patient is aware of the necessity of cleaning every 6thmonth when he/she has periodontal diseases.
  • Diabetes Disease Guarantee; studies have shown a weakened connection between bone and implant in diabetic patients. Procedures at the clinic are blood glucose tests before each implant insert. If the result is above 10 mmol/l, Budapest Klinikken will refuse treatment. If the result is below 10 mmol/l, Budapest Klinikken can perform implant insertion on the patient’s wish, but Budapest Klinikken does not give guarantee.
  • The patient is responsible to read and seek understanding of the information described in Budapest Klinikken’s “Pasient Håndbok/Patient manual”.

If any problems arises after dental treatment**, the patient must immediately notify Budapest Klinikken where the treatment is done, by phone to (+47)413 81 000 during normal opening hours. In case of any warranty cases, the relevant Budapest Klinikken must be contacted as soon as possible by phone (+47)413 81 00. Alternatively, through the contact form at www.budapestklinikken.nowhere the current problem is described accurately and preferably with a picture. Budapest Klinikken will contact the person on the same day, or next normal working day.

The warranty does not apply;

  • If the patient does not follow the above mentioned regarding annual control.
  • If the patient has neglected oral hygiene. This is considered by our doctors whether the oral hygiene is sufficient, upon examination by a specialist/dentist.
  • If the patient has not followed the dentist’s instructions, for example;
    • Teeths and the oral cavity are not protected after the treatment, as instructed by dentist.
    • Cleaning of dental work (implants, Full Dentures, Partial Dentures, crowns, bridge and so on) is not in accordance with the dentist’s instructions.
    • If the patient does not return in accordance with dentist’s instructions, or provides control / check several times a year when recommended.
  • If the patient smokes, we do not accept guarantee for insertion of dental implants and guarantee falls away for any tooth replacement that is attached to the implant.
  • If the patient does not follow the recommended time of working days in Budapest, that is set by the dentist; for example;
    • If the patient goes against the dentist’s recommendation, and leaves the clinic before the last adjustment and necessary customization has been made (even if the prosthesis is finished).
    • If the dentist, for example, advises 5 working days, you should for example come on a Sunday and travel home again on the consecutive Saturday.
  • If the gums or jawbone is weakened. This is reviewed by our doctors upon examination and by comparing it with previous images, CT / X-rays.
  • If you have a significantly gain or loss (with 20 percent of body weight when treatment is completed) of bodyweight in a shorter period of time (one year) and during the period of guarantee.
  • In cases where the patient has diagnosed the following treatment-requiring diseases that are untreated, withheld or that occur during the course of treatment; This applies to diabetes and osteoporosis. Warranty also waives if treatment with chemotherapy or radiation is done during or after treatment during the warranty period.
  • If another dentist (not working for Budapest Klinikken) has performed corrections or other dental treatment for dental work performed by the patient at Budapest Klinikken that is not approved in advance by Budapest Klinikken. In such case, we might cover the cost, but the warranty will be lost.
  • Budapest Klinikken is not responsible for any unforeseen root-canal fillings that may occur after a tooth / teeth is prepared for crown and / or bridge. In some cases, trauma may occur after teeth are prepared for crown / bridge. This is usually treated by root-filling of the relevant tooth. Budapest Klinikken is not responsible for any problems that were not visible on the patient’s X-rays at the time of treatment. This also applies to problems that dentist could not predict or account for in connection with treatment at Budapest Klinikken.

Warranty procedures;

  • As soon as something happens, the patient should promptly contact Budapest Klinikken’s customer service immediately to provide the necessary information regarding the occurrence. The patient must wait for confirmation and instructions from the customer service for further progress.
  • If the patient is asked to go to a local dentist for repairs, Budapest Klinikken will cover up to NOK 1500, -. Receipt with journal / documentation is sent to Budapest Klinikken via contact form on website/to customer service. Repair should be carried out within 1 month from when decision made from Budapest Klinikken.
  • If the patient is asked to return to Budapest, Customer Service will provide necessary information like the number of working days that must be set aside to treatment and when travel can take place. The patient will then order travel/tickets him/herself, upon which receipt must be brought to the clinic. Any reimbursement of travel and coverage of hotel will be decided after examination by treated specialist who states the warranty. In case warranty applies, Budapest Klinikken refunds travel-expenses up to NOK 2800, -. Budapest Klinikken covers single room at Hotel Aquaworld (or other hotel / accommodation up to NOK 400,- pr. night where receipt is submitted).
  • When treatment done in guarantee at one of our clinics in Norway, travel expenses is covered by up to NOK 2500,- where receipts are submitted. Accommodation is not covered.
  • Lost income is not covered by the warranty. Food/beverage is not covered by the warranty. Cost to bring along a companion is not covered by the warranty.

* Dentist / Specialist can advise / recommend check several times a year where there is special reason for it, for example, if gum disease frequent follow-ups and cleansing are essential for good oral hygiene and longevity of products. Recommended extra check in addition to the yearly one, should be done locally. Only upon request from Budapest Klinikken, it is required to present documentation, in case of guarantee.


**Budapest Klinikkens Customer service is always here for you, it is much better that you contact us too much than that you wait and it could get worse. Be aware that if you wait too long or withhold information, the warranty may fall away. In any situation where you are unsure, please contact us straight away.

**Kundeservice er alltid tilgjengelig, og det er bedre at du tar kontakt èn gang for mye enn for lite. Minner om at dersom du venter for lenge for å rapportere din sak, eller utelater informasjon, kan garantien falle bort.