In the waiting room there is a little boy waiting for his turn. With fear he looks at the door. Coming from inside the dentist’s room, he can hear alternating sounds from a dental drill and a child’s crying. He had nightmares the nights before, and soon it was his turn.

While Tor Åge was under treatment, he could hardly chew without it being hurtful. So his diet was basically only soups, he lost around 60 pounds and ate mostly alone. After getting his new teeth, life has completely changed.

– It was brutal. Crying and screaming. Indescribably painful. Tor Åge Iversen remembers the dental visits 45 years ago – when he was 7-8 years – as his worst horror experience. The traveling school dentist was in a hurry to finish. He had to move on, because in Vadsø they were having difficulty recruiting new dentists.

“They pulled out teeth without any anesthesia and it smelled scorched every time they used the drill,” he recalls.

Tor Åge’s fears of the dentist made it ten years between his visits to the dentist. It went well until he was 37 years old. Then the teeth began to loosen. They fell out by themselves. He was often ashamed and used his hand to hide his mouth. There was no other advice but to seek out a dentist in Moss. He diagnosed him with periodontitis, and began to pull his teeth.

Tor Åge’s self-confidence got severely weakened, and he isolated himself.

– When people invited to dinner, I declined. And at lunch I was afraid of losing a new tooth, so I ate alone.

After being at the bottom, Tor Åge got a kick behind:

-Uncle, you do not have any nice teeth.

The nephew’s commentary prompted him to do something about his dental situation. Tor Åge followed his sister’s recommendation and contacted Budapest Klinikken.

– Just get the fucking teeth out! The pain only troubled him more and more.

– I could choose a bullet, but chose the second worst.

He had went such a long time with the gum disease/periodontitis, that all the teeth had to be removed and replaced with twelve implants.


His strong fear of the dentist still had a hold on him, but the visit to the dentist in Hungary was not as bad as he thought.

-It was painful to get the dental implants, but I got full anesthesia/narcosis and they had such good people there who made me relax during pre examinations.

Tor Åge remembers his stay in Budapest with lots of humor and self-irony:

– You don’t sit in the hotel room with your fear, but meet a lot of other people in the same situation in the lobby bar. Some are toothless, others have only three incisors, but none are cocky.

After he got his new natural pearl white smile set in June, life and his self-confidence have changed for Tor Åge.

– Now I do not say no anymore to dinner invitations, because I can chew iron with these teeth, he laughs.

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