Dental treatment abroad can be smart

Do you think it sounds a bit unsafe to go to a dentist in another country for dental treatment? At Budapest Klinikken you have the same consumer rights as your would in Norway and are treated by dentists with Norwegian authorization.

SAME RIGHTS: You have the same refund rights in Hungary as in Norway. This means that what you often pay huge deductibles for in Norway, actually can become free in Hungary.

– First and foremost, it is the price that makes Norwegians choose to travel abroad to get dental treatment. Experience shows that prices in Budapest are about 50 to 70 per cent lower than in Norway. Since we have so many dental specialists gathered in one place, we can also offer interdisciplinary treatment almost completely without any waiting, says Morten Leivseth, who is the general manager of Budapest Klinikken.

Same refund rules

It is first when you need some dental treatment that costs from NOK 10,000 and upwards will it payoff to do the treatment in Hungary. You also have the same refund rights in Hungary as in Norway. That means that what you pay big deductibles for in Norway can actually be free in Hungary.

– For example, if you have lost a tooth due to periodontitis, you can replace the tooth with an implant. A complete treatment usually costs around NOK 25,000 in Norway. Helfo covers approximately 13,000 NOK and you pay NOK 12,000 even as deductible. In Hungary, the same implant costs 8900-12500 NOK. In other words, with the coverage you get from Helfo, the treatment is free or just about since Helfo covers the treatment according to Norwegian tariffs, explains Leivseth.

Clinics in Hungary and Norway

Some steer clear of dental treatment abroad because of fear for what might happen if one needs follow-up, or if one is not satisfied with the treatment abroad:

– Therefore, we have also established clinics in Norway. As of today, we have one clinic in Tønsberg and one in Tromsø, we are in the process of establishing another clinic in Bodø and eventually we will open even more, says Leivseth.

– This means that we have a good support system that makes it possible to get local follow-ups. Besides, we are a Norwegian company, so even if you make up your bill directly at the clinic in Budapest you are protected by the Norwegian law of purchase. Therefore, you have the same rights with us as if you had purchased equivalent treatment from a dentist in Norway, he adds.

The dentists who work at the clinic in Hungary also have Norwegian authorization.

Treatment in anesthesia

Some have odontophobia, or fear of the dentist/dental treatment, and would prefer to be treated under general anesthesia/Narcosis. Not all clinics in Norway can offer this, and there may also be long waiting list for such treatment.

– We have our own anesthetic team and anesthesiologist in out clinic in Budapest. Since we have no waiting time for this type of treatment, there are some patients who choose to come to us. Price-wise, it also costs no more than two or three thousand NOK extra, says Leivseth.

The practical

Most people who choose dentistry at Budapest Klinikken in Hungary buy the flight themselves:

– We pick you up at the airport and drive you to the clinic located in a spa hotel. The first examination is free. Based on this and what you want, you get a price and plan. Should you choose not to go ahead with the treatment, you pay nothing. If you spend more than NOK 14,000 on the treatment, we also cover parts of the flight and your accommodation, says Leivseth in the end.

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