Dental treatment abroad can be smart

Dental treatment abroad can be smart Do you think it sounds a bit unsafe to go to a dentist in another country for dental treatment? At Budapest Klinikken you have the same consumer rights as your would in Norway and are treated by dentists with Norwegian authorization. SAME RIGHTS: You have the same refund rights […]

Tor-Åge had poor experience with the school dentist

THE SCHOOL DENTIST REALLY SCARED TOR ÅGE IVERSEN (52). BECAUSE OF THIS HE WENT SO LONG WITH POOR TEETH, THAT THEY EVENTUALLY FELL OUT. A NEW LIFE IS NOW WAITING HIM. In the waiting room there is a little boy waiting for his turn. With fear he looks at the door. Coming from inside the dentist’s room, he can hear alternating sounds from a dental drill and a child’s crying. He had […]

Christmas markets in Budapest

The Christmas Markets in Budapest – some of the most beautiful in Europe This year you can enjoy the wonderful atmosphere from the Christmas markets as early as November 9th. This is when the Christmas market opens on the beautiful Vörösmarty tèr and several other places in the center of Budapest. You can enjoy watching […]